Time to look to the Draft.

June 8, 2007

With the Stanley Cup finals over, it’s time to forge ahead and start glancing over prospects that could be there at #4 for the Kings unless Dean Lombardi moves up or down. Have to remember that Dean doesn’t really draft based on the needs of his team. If there is one area in the pipelines that the Kings need to improve on it’s the Defensemen in the pipeline and need someone to go along with Petiot, Hersley, Fast, Andersen that are already in the pipeline.

The Rankings and scouting reports have indicated that Karl Alzner is the top rated Defenseman in the Draft but nobody really knows where his ceiling is. Though I feel this guy would pair up with JMFJ very well.

The following is from a Duff88 and Cup on HFBoards compiled their own lists of the top prospects available for the 2007 entry draft. Cup’s guide includes his own mock draft.

Duff88 Draft Guide.

“Karl Alzner is, by a fair margin, the best defenseman available in the 2007 NHL entry Draft. A defensive defenseman, Alzner is very comparable to former first overall pick Chris Phillips. He is a good skater, extremely solid defensively with excellent positionning and he has a great ability of moving the puck out of the defensive zone with a good first pass. Although not the most skilled offensively, Alzner has very good passing skills and can be a great player to help the transition game. He’ll need to learn to use his body more, but Alzner is already looking like a sure-fire NHLer, only his career role is tougher to predict.”

Im sure they will pull back from the Chris Phillips comparison after the game 7 fiasco against the Ducks.


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