What about Cherepanov?

June 8, 2007

This player is one of the most interesting prospects of the Draft. Seems that whenever I read about this guy, it is pretty clear cut. Either Cherepanov will be a superstar or he will be a complete bust. When it comes to the draft with Russians in particular it can be a bit uneasy for an NHL team to draft a Russian. The reason being is that in most cases, the professional teams in Russia can now pay their players on the same scale as the NHL does and in some cases more. Another good question is why would the Kings take a big risk on Cherepanov when we are in the middle of a rebuilding phase? If Cherepanov is a complete bust wouldn’t this set the franchise back? Well to answer that question, the Draft in any sport is a gamble unless there is a Crosby, Gretzky etc but if the Kings drafted Cherepanov then there is a chance the Kings can hit a home run. So if Cherepanov is available at #4 then there is a probability Dean will pull the trigger on him because Dean likes to take a gamble on players.

Some things about Cherepanov said at HF

“You can think of mix between Paul Stastny and Cheechoo, in my opinion. From Paul Stastny he had a good positional play in the offensive zone and around the net, excellent hockey sence, ability to deliever nifty passes to linemates and create space for them, slow skating, being calm under pressure, desire to go to corners and to the net. From Cheechoo he had this ability to score goals and make them look like garbage goals. He also will be less dependent from his center, Imo. From Cherepanov he has stickhandling, ability to make difficult things look simple.”

From Duff88 at the HFBoard and his site

“Alexei Cherepanov raised his draft stock through the roof after a very solid performance at the World Junior Championship. One of the most skilled players in the draft, Cherepanov is a good skater with amazing hands and very good vision. He already has an NHL shot and he has the natural abilities of a goal scorer. His consistency and work rate are issues, as well as his performance when the play gets physical and when he’s off the puck. For all the cons, Cherepanov, who beat Pavel Bure’s record for most goals by a Russian Hockey League rookie, still has superstar potential and his development will surely be very interesting to follow.”


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