Getting rid of the Goaltending plague.

June 12, 2007

Been a busy weekend, finally got a header. Mucho Gracias to BigJoe on LGK

Anyway moving on, the draft is next weekend and the Kings have a number of options to go. I’m always hearing about the Kings going after a Goalie to solidify the position until Jonathan Bernier comes up and is ready. I feel Bernier has a 2 years before he becomes a solid starter for the Kings. He will be in the Juniors for another year and possibly starting in Manchester next year or even the Kings if he wows the coaches like Kopitar did in previous camps before making the big club. It’s possible. In the meantime the Kings just recently signed a Swedish goalie Eric Ersberg to be the third goalie, and Dean Lombardi has talked about having 3 goalies to be NHL ready. So with that said somebody has to be the odd man out if the Kings are going to be looking for a number one goaltender to trade for or sign. According to Rich Hammond’s blog, the Kings aren’t looking at Giggy of the Ducks and there is no rumblings or whispers that Cloutier will be bought out.

So while this will sound crazy and before you click the x on your tab…what if there is a team out there like say the Minnesota Wild would trade us Manny Fernandez for Cloutier and a pick/prospect? Why in the **** would Minnesota take that deal? Simple Cap space. They can stash Cloutier in the minors and essentially clear about 4 million in cap space and they will have a pick and can go after a free agent. Kings get a solid goalie, something they haven’t had since the Felix “the cat” Potvin days.

So while I get ripped for thinking Cloutier might be traded, I will be evaluating some draft prospects to see who might be drafted by the Kings. Logan Couture, Van Riemsdyk etc. I still think it comes down to Alzner or Cherepanov. Stay tuned.


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