Day one Draft thoughts.

June 23, 2007

Well like every other King fan that watched with anticipation of the Kings getting Cherepanov, Voracek, and Alzner. Turns out that none of them were selected and Dean Lombardi selected Thomas Hickey from the Seattle Thunderbirds with the fourth overall pick. Judging from Dean’s comments at the annual GM breakfast for the Season Ticket Holders and elsewhere he said that he drafts based on the best player there is. That doesn’t seem to be the case here and he went to draft based on need. On the bright side about this weekend is that Dean does very well at Drafting and it is NOT his weakness, he did very well at San Jose and played a part of what they have now. So I will give him the benefit of the doubt here. Drafting Hickey could very well be a good move down the road and he could be a great pairing with JMFJ.

By the way here is some information on the newest King Thomas Hickey, thanks to our friend Duff88 over at HF that did a great job writing these scouting reports up. Here is the report they did-

“Thomas Hickey is, second only to Kevin Shattenkirk, among the best defenseman in the draft in the transition game. A strong skater, Hickey has excellent vision and is a very good passer; giving him the quality to be a great player for moving the puck out of the defensive zone. Furthermore, Hickey seems to always be cool and plays a mature game, maneuvering with the puck with a lot of confidence. Although a bit on the small side, Hickey isn’t intimidated physically and is actually pretty strong. His defensive game is solid, although it could still use some work. Overall, Hickey has tons of potential and his offensive abilities and maturity are going to make him an interesting prospect to follow during his development.”

Tomorrow for Day two should be a very interesting day for the Kings. Keep in mind that Dean Lombardi went over to Europe to scout a lot of these players that have yet to be picked. A lot of North American players were selected in the first round, so we could be looking at some potential steals tomorrow from Dean Lombardi. Draft is not over yet folks so stay tuned.


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