The Kings hit a wall.

December 1, 2007

The Kings hit a wall in November and like my previous post says, November was a crucial month as far as Divisional play goes. Now the Kings could go on a tear soon and they are capable of doing so. Doing well in November would have gone a long way to the dream of making the playoffs this year My thoughts of the Kings are a mixed bag. We did very well against San Jose and at times against Dallas. The problem with the Kings is that they still need to put together 60 minutes of the hockey we all know they are capable of playing. We are seeing some flashes of greatness from some of our core players like Jack Johnson but it’s not going to be enough to get us into the playoffs. Another thing that was upsetting is the fact that we get outplayed by the ‘Yotes. Even though we played subpar and sloppy in those games, we were more than capable of beating that team. So right now the Kings have hit a wall, and they have to bust through that wall soon.

So as it stands now the Kings are in a familiar place being in last place in the Pacific. Even though it looks like the season is getting away from us right now, the plan being implemented by Dean will work. Despite the stupid rumors of Dean in the hot seat, Dean is in year 2 of his rebuilding of this franchise and it has come a long ways from 2 years ago. How long have we waited to have a pipeline with quantity and quality prospects? The long term future of this franchise is still very bright. It wasn’t long ago we were ranked number one in Hockey Future with regards to prospects. We have a franchise goalie about to make his mark in the NHL real soon in Jonathan Bernier, I would like to see what he does before we do anything stupid like firing Dean Lombardi. Is Dean Lombardi perfect? Of course not but I trust his track record in drafting and developing prospects. Dean will learn from his mistakes like signing Cloutier to a extension. Like everyone of us does when we make a mistake, we learn from it. At the end of the day we will soon have a championship caliber team.

Bernier Watch: Bernier stopped 32/35 shots in a game against Moncton that ended up in a shootout. The coach of the Maineacs was not pleased with the effort of the team, “We had a little meeting with the boys after,” said Harding. “I said, ‘You guys shouldn’t be happy.’ It comes down to the older guys and leadership. We should have been able to put that team away 4-0 or 4-1. This has happened four or five times this year. We haven’t gotten over that hump yet. We’re a better team than Moncton, and we proved it early on. Then we gave up 19 shots in the third. We did some stupid things. They thought it was going to be easy in the third period.”

Read more on the Maineiacs here-

Like I said earlier in one of my posts about Bernier, he is playing on a young and inexperienced team.

Moller Watch– Another article on the Bruins and Oscar being mentioned,

“When I’m at the point I’m usually trying to generate as many shots as I can,” Moller said. “If I see an opening shooting late I’m taking a slap or wrist shot that’s either going to go in or create a rebound in front.”

Of Moller’s 23 goals this season, eight have come on the power play, and half have come on shots from the blueline.

Read more here-



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