Falling Hard….but future still bright.

December 5, 2007

This is really nothing new with King fans. However we read articles in the previous offseason about how the Kings youth movement is going to improve this team dramatically, and (gasp) talking about maybe playoffs this year. The last couple games I have watched there has been slow skating, and more importantly no urgency. I don’t know if it is the coach or the players or what but now isn’t the time to make any irrational moves. We have young players and they need to learn to fight through this slump period.

Blake should retire in the offseason, he does not have it anymore. The Kings defensemen lack intensity other than JMFJ the rest of the crew is soft as Charmin. Stuart is alright, but he is on a one year contract and really don’t care if he comes back or not. When you look to the future regarding D-men, I don’t think you will see Goalies getting run on because teams will fear the 6-7 250 pound beast named Boyle and Piskula will throw his body around as well. I don’t need to mention Jack because we know what he can do.

This team is letting the season slip away and needs to get back on track pronto, and hopefully it happens tonight vs the ‘Yotes.

Well some very positive news about the kids-
Bernier (11th overall in 2006) , Hickey (4th overall 2007 pick), and Simmonds (61st overall in 2007) were all named to WJC Team Canada Selection Camp roster.

Oscar Moller (52nd overall in 2007) and Niclas Anderson (117 overall in 2006) was named to the Swedish roster.

Teddy Purcell ( UFA pickup in 2007, 22 yrs of age) wins the AHL rookie of the month honors. Congrats to Teddy!


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