Reality sets in….Kings suck.

December 18, 2007

Losing this much already into the season is…well unexpected for this King’s fan. There was plenty of optimism about this team in the off-season with holes being plugged with several signings with Nagy, Handzus, Preissing, and Calder. Couple that with the young players we have in the fold. Everything looked hunky doory for this season. With these signings, there was some talk of the Kings finishing in the 6-8 range and making the playoffs. Obviously this team isn’t in any way, shape, or form close to those projections. One of the reasons is the lack of play of the defense and the Goaltending and maybe it is the coaching that has some questions. If anything has been answered in this horrible making of a season, is that this season shows why not one star hockey player wants to “play for LA”. We have a young and inexperienced team, we know that, but that doesn’t answer all the problems the Kings have…

So if you are Dean Lombardi what do you do at this point with the team you are running is 12-20 at this point of the season with your team being the worst in the NHL? First thing I would do if I was Dean Lombardi is ask myself if Marc Crawford is the right guy for this job? We all know about his track record in Quebec when he inherited a young team and made them cup contenders literally overnight. Same for when he went to Vancouver, though I don’t think Cup contenders would describe the Canucks in those years. The fact is though that Crawford was able to take young teams and mold them into winners. So what’s the problem with LA? We have a very capable staff to support Crawford and all the money you could ask for to get free-agents. Dean is surrounding the franchise with hockey-minded people. That’s great, but we aren’t seeing the results this season. In fact this season COULD be worse if this keeps up. The problem the coach has with this team is that it can’t play consistent hockey night in and night out. I have questions about Crawford’s tactics on defense, and I can’t figure out what in the world the plan is for defense. Our goalie gets whacked by Ryan Smythe of the Avalanche, and where is the defense to clean out the garbage after that play? Does this team have balls? Doesn’t look like it, and I know we have Jack Johnson and all…but he isn’t a one man wrecking crew yet. Not to mention that Crawford brought that embarrasment named Cloutier over from the Canucks. Do I need to list more reasons?

“Yeah ok, but who do you replace Crawford with?” There’s a few candidates out there that stick out. One being Babcock, if the Red Wings lose again in the first round….does Babcock stick around in Detroit? Probably not. So he would be a wise choice assuming he was available. One name that I do like and it is feasible, is Tony Granato. Granato has been in Colorado learning the way of coaching, even after he did so well in his first stint as Head Coach for the Avalanche. The more you think about it, the more Tony makes sense. So my preferred choice if Crawford gets canned is Granato.

“What about the players?” What about them? The only trades I see involving Kings players are going to be Nagy, Stuart, Blake and possibly Cammalleri. “What? Why Cammalleri?”Because Cammalleri has the most value on this team and Dean has everything geared for ’08. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a couple very nice prospects and a first round pick of pick or possibly picks for Cammalleri. Let’s face it, Cammy is going to get paid sooner or later. His value is the highest right now since he still has another year on his two year deal. More on potential deals when the season continues to unfold. The main priority for this team should be Goaltending but that is moot with all the eggs in Bernier’s basket.

Prospects watch:

Bernier watch: Bernier with a partial shut out in Team Canada’s tune up for the World Juniors.

Simmonds watch: Gets an assist for Team Canada on their first goal in the game.


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