Going for…Stamkos?

December 20, 2007

So that’s what a team looks like? No sorry wasn’t speaking of the Kings when they got pasted by the Red Wings tonight 6-2. God I envy that team so much, they just know how to freaking win and they keep doing it because they know how to develop players the RIGHT way. Some day we will be right there King fans, we have a bunch of prospects and young players on the Kings. The day is coming…

Anyway might as well focus on some positive things like the Kings selecting Stamkos in the next upcoming draft. There are debates on Hockey Future board that Stamkos is actually a better prospect than the next wonder kid of the 2009 draft Tavares. That’s for another day to debate when we actually get to see those two on the ice at the NHL level. It should also be noted that the Kings could finish dead last and still not get the number one pick, which of course would be just our luck. Anyway did some reading on Stamkos and FutureConsiderations.ca posted on Hockey Future a great write up and interview on Stamkos.

Click on the link above and it will take you to the interview along with three other prospects that are highly touted.
Some things to take away from that intereview-
“Steven’s strengths are his incredible offensive instincts, anticipation and pro type shot. He skates extremely well, possesses that extra gear, and handles the puck at top speed like not many can. His puck protection and playmaking abilities are strong but his best asset is his game breaking ability. He plays a very complete two-way game and works extremely hard on each shift. Steven could work on adding some much needed muscle to his frame but that will sort itself out in time.

Already showing that he is the offensive catalyst for the Sarnia Sting and one of the most offensively gifted players in the CHL, the assistant captain of the Sting will no doubt continue to have a monster year in the Ontario Hockey League.”

Sounds like a winner doesn’t he?

Also I really liked his answer to this question…

Question: So much has been written about your on ice strengths, in your best estimation, what do you perceive to be your strengths and what are the areas you need to improve upon as well as what type of NHL player do you see Steven Stamkos as.

Steven’s Answer: “I think my strengths are my skating ability, leadership, and overall hockey sense. In order to keep improving, I need to improve on my overall strength and my face offs, as puck possession is key. Right now I see myself as a player that loves to score and put up points, but also responsible in my own end of the ice and likes to throw some hits to mix it up. If I got the opportunity to play in the NHL, I don’t think I would change my style of play.”

So the Kings can keep tanking it for all I care, just long as we get Stamkos at the end of the day. Stamkos, Kopitar, Jack Mother****ing Johnson, Jonathan Bernier and I can keep going down the list and the future just keeps getting brighter everyday. Not to mention that I am pretty sure Cammy will get traded if the right price came along, and it will be a hefty price. However that’s for another day and I narrowed the list of possible suitors that Cammy would go to, so stay tuned.


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