The time to trade Cammy is this season.

December 22, 2007

Lets evaluate the reasons for trading Cammalleri. It’s obvious he isn’t happy with how things went down in the off season when the arbitration backfired on him. Cammalleri wanted somewhere around 6-7 million a season because the market for players like Cammy were high, ie Briere, Gomez, Drury. Dean Lombardi countered that each of those players led their respective teams to the playoffs and more importantly knew how to win games for their teams. Lombardi won that argument. So ever since then Cammalleri hasn’t exactly addressed his feelings on the subject, leading many to speculate that he is upset about the ruling. Not saying that Cammalleri is a bad guy at all, but if there was ever a time to trade him…it’s this season. The reason why is because well…money. We will have to end up paying him 6-7 million dollars down the road anyway, and with guys like Jack Johnson, Anze Kopitar, Jonathan Bernier, and the rest of the young guys that will be coming up later. We will need that money to extend Kopitar and Jack Johnson. I just do not think Lombardi has Cammy in the long-term plans for this franchise, we already locked up Dustin Brown for 6 years and he in return he is leading the Kings in Goals.

Secondly from what I know about arbitration and then signing the player to a long-term contract…it’s rare that it does happen. So it would be a benefit to get a players/prospects/picks in return. It’s true that he is in a rut right now, but his value is still very high. For one he has good hockey sense, is a sniper when he shoots the puck, also can provide leadership. Possible future captain on a team wherever he ends up. So the value is there, and for teams that are going to the playoffs, that is a very valuable asset to have.

So that being said, what could we be getting in return for Cammy. Looking at the obvious, a contender team will make a bid for Cammy to boost it’s chances at a cup. The teams that are not going to get Cammy are those in our own division. Cammy is most likely to end up in A) Canada or B) The east Coast. I would think the Bruins would be a logical destination for Cammy. It makes sense because Boston is an up and coming team, plus the Bruins currently sit at 4th place in the playoff standings. But…I have a problem with this trade. On one site (HF boards)it says the Bruins have 460,000 in cap space and on NHLSCAP.com(clicky linky) it says the Bruins have 4 million in cap space. So assuming the Bruins have actual cap space, then below is the proposed trade. On the other hand I see the Canadians as the most credible destination

To the Bruins:

(C)Michael Cammalleri ( 3.25)

To the Kings:

2008 First Round round pick
(D) Matt Lashoff (850,000)
(LW) Milan Lucic (850,000)

To the Canadiens

(C) Michael Cammalleri (3.25)

To the Kings:

2008 First Round Pick
(C) Ben Maxwell (in Juniors)
(RW) Guillaume Latendresse (850,000)
Alexei Emelin (playing in Russia)

Of course other teams could be interested, like the Pittsburgh Penguins who desperately need somebody to help out Crosby. The only drawback though is that their GM is not gonna trade his young players, but I don’t think he was referring to a player like Cammy.

Who knows? One thing is for sure though, I am not Eklund saying Alexander Ovechkin could be traded to Los Angeles for Bernier and the rest of the lot of young kids we have. Will the trades above happen? Probably not, but it is to illustrate what to expect in return for Cammalleri and where he will end up (east coast & contender).


Also I have been told by a friend in Denver, CO that follows the Avalanche pretty well. He has some connections and has told me about Granato… “sources tell me that Granato could be the Kings next Head Coach before long”

I’m in the process of finding out who the “source” is and what was said exactly. Right now I wouldn’t take this seriously. I mentioned it in one of my previous entries about it because of Granato’s time in LA , San Jose with Deano, and also his track record coaching the Avalanche. Stay tuned…

Bernier/Hickey/Simmonds/Stamkos Watch- Looks like Canada beat Slovakia in exhibition game #2 by a score of 6-1. Jonathan Bernier had the start and made 23 saves for the win. Wayne Simmonds just got 2PIM, while Thomas Hickey had two assists, one on the PP, for Canada. Potential Kings draft pick Steven Stamkos with an assist in the game.

(Thanks to Rob2716 on LGK)


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