Hello 2008, goodbye 2007.

January 2, 2008

The 9-2 shellacking of the blackhawks was a nice way for King fans to ring in 2oo8. Nagy had a game high, 5 points. Which is interesting, he is picking up his play at the right time and the question becomes what is he worth? Not exactly sure, but could be valuable to some playoff contending team looking to add some punch to their third line and possibly second line. Considering Nagy has a one year contract for approximately 3 million. Would be a nice asset for a team to have for a short term and free up some cap space at the end of the season. What the Kings need is some more depth in the cupboard for Defensemen. Two ways to do it, one is to get a nice defensemen already in some other organizations pipeline OR do it via the draft. Now we have two first round picks, and the general consensus is that the Kings will select a defenseman. Dean Lombardi also has the option of trading Nagy/Stuart/Cammy for picks/prospects. The latter being the most likely since he holds the most value on the team. When February rolls around and the playoff picture becomes more clear, teams will be clamoring for Cammy should he be available.

All that being said, the future is shaping up very nicely for the Kings and other people around the league are taking notice. Last night during the Kings/Hawks game the announcers made several mentions about Kopitar, Sully, and even mentioned Bernier. They discussed about how the Kings finally got some good hockey minded people in the front office. The one thing I liked was the fact they said that the Kings will be a very dangerous team for years. It’s always nice to hear that from somebody with an unbiased opinion, and keeps you upbeat knowing our day is coming.

Predictions for 2008-

1. Cammy gets traded, whether that would be during the season or in the coming offseason assuming the Kings can’t get a deal done.

2. Kings will select Luke Schenn in the draft. ( Personally want Stamkos…)

3. Bernier gets another shot with the Kings and may be the starter for the season.

4. Crawford gets another year coaching the Kings, by the way the rumor of Crawford getting canned from the Kings in favor for Tony Granato was never confirmed. I can only speculate as to what happened when the Avalanche were in Los Angeles and Anaheim that the Kings Brass contacted Granato. There could be a million reasons why the Kings contacted him.

5. Blake retires as a King, and the debate to hang his jersey in the rafters ensues. I am in the opinion that he should be honored by the Kings. Arguably the best defensemen the Kings ever had.


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