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Trades and Grades.

February 28, 2008

Analyzing the good and bad from the trades that happened yesterday. We also heard from Lombardi per Inside the Kings. Kudos to Matt for getting that interview up really quick.

Given the circumstances of the day yesterday which were unforeseeable previously. Dean Lombardi alright. He gets a B- for the deadline deals he made and I will tell you why he gets a B- instead of an F. Here we go examining the trades.

First Trade-

Jarosalov Modry to the Philadelphia Flyers for a 3rd round pick.



The trade was very good for Dean Lombardi, picking up a 3rd round pick for an aging 37 year old Defenseman that is having a solid year. My only gripe about the trade is that it was done very early. Maybe I am greedy here but had Deano waited a little longer we could maybe have gotten a 2nd rounder possibly. Either way it was another solid trade by Dean Lombardi.

Second Trade-

JS Aubin (G) to the Anaheim Mighty Ducks in return for a 7th round pick.



What else can you get for JS Aubin? I mean really did anyone see the Kings getting ANYTHING for ANY of our Goalies? I had to laugh at this trade because I find it very hard that a team much less a rival of ours would trade for one of our Goalies. Very good job Dean.

Third Trade-

Brad Stuart to the Detroit Red Wings for a second round pick, and also a 4th round pick.



Why the low grade? Technically it is an above average rating from me here. I fully understand stocking up the draft picks and such, but I felt that maybe the Kings should have resigned Stuart. Now we have a very questionable defense corp. Aside from Jack Johnson, there really isn’t much. Hopefully Stuart re-signs with LA in the off-season.

Here is what Dean says per ITK-

“You do your best in terms of what the marketplace is there. It’s pretty much in the ballpark. It’s similar to what (Brent) Sopel brought last year. That’s the kind of touchstone we set.”

Overall Grade- B-

Reason for that is because of the Blake situation and these NTC’s these players have. Not just Blake but Thornton. Either way though, it just seemed that Lombardi was handcuffed by several things like NTC’s, other teams giving away same type of players, and I think upper management handcuffed Dean with this Rob Blake business. No proof of it, but just a hunch. Should be interesting to see whether Rob comes back or not in the offseason.

Regardless of what happened in this trade deadline, Dean Lombardi clearly has made this upcoming draft the point where he will put his stamp on this team.


Deadline Day

February 26, 2008

Ok as of 11:48 am Mountain time nothing has happened for the Kings.

What we know now is that the Sharks are most likely out of the running for Blake since they nabbed Campbell from Buffalo. Sharks also got Defenseman Bob Davison from the Islanders. HMMM. So I guess that leaves the Colorado Avalanche to get Rob Blake. But wait they Acquired Adam Foote AND Ruslan Salei. Anaheim might still be interested. We’ll see…I don’t like the start of today so far. Come on Dean!

2:00 Mountain Time

Appears the Kings traded Aubin to the Quacks for a whooping 7th round pick. Wow…hope to hear more than this otherwise…

2:08 Kings appear to have traded Stuart to Detroit…Did I not mention this a few days ago? Maybe I should be the next Eklund haha. No word on return yet…

2:16 Mountain Time

Kings get a 2nd and a 4th for Brad Stuart. Not a bad trade really considering Stuart is a rental.

3:00 Mountain Time.

Looks like that’s it. Disappointing day for King fans, however dealings are not done yet. While the trade deadline was a dud, DL could still nab more young defensemen out of College like he did with Piskula. There’s also the chance that Dean feels that certain players will have more value at the draft. For example, Cammy will likely be traded on draft day or before the draft for a nice return. So while other bloggers jump off a cliff because the Kings didn’t make a trade, this one won’t because the future is still bright and the plan is still intact. It was a disappointing day for sure and I am also sure Dean Lombardi is disappointed too. Would like to see what he has to say about the deadline and what the process was like for him today. At any rate more analysis on the trade tomorrow when more info comes out. It’s too premature to jump to conclusions at this point.


Eve of the Deadline

February 26, 2008

Looks like not much is happening, but the rumors are picking up tonight so it could be a sign that big things are happening tommorow. Either that or this deadline is going to be the most boring deadline in the history of the NHL.

Couple things before tomorrow’s big day. CBS4 in Denver is reporting that the Colorado Avalanche are in talks with the Los Angeles Kings for Rob Blake. This coincides with an insider report from EJ Hradek of ESPN that Blake will waive his NTC for two teams. Probably San Jose and Colorado as the likely two teams. Blake will be moved tomorrow for some pieces to Dean’s puzzle.

Scott Thornton is also being mentioned in rumors, The latest is from the fourth period, where they say it is possible the Predators could have Thornton for a reasonable price. Probably a trade like the Modry trade where we get a 3rd or fourth round pick.

At any rate, tommorow I will try if possible to update the blog throughout the day if there is moves being made on the Kings part.


Kings Kids taking control of team.

February 24, 2008

The Kings Kids (Particularly Sully, Kopi, Brown) have stepped up and are responsible for the majority of the Kings points. Crawford HAS to be extremely happy with the play of Patrick O’sullivan which has been nothing short of amazing. Had a five point night against the St. Louis Blues and also chipped in a goal against the Blackhawks last night. I’d venture to guess that if I asked Crawford whether O’sullivan has come around, Crawford would say sure but still has things to work on with his game. So you’d have to believe that Sully is not really reaching his potential yet. The Demitra trade is looking better everyday.

Overall as a team though Kings have done some good things this season, as mentioned before the Kings have been on several 3 game winning streaks when they could barely muster a 2 game winning streak last year. Kings have come back in third periods when they are down 4 goals. However not everything is perfect, still have goaltending woes. Labarbera is a dependable goalie but nothing great from him. Cloutier (while the defense still looked soft) didn’t look too hot against the Blackhawks. I maintain that Bernier will have a shot next year as long as the goaltending is average. Defense needs to be tougher, and I suspect that by next year we will see a JMFJ let loose a little bit from the coaching staff. Hopefully we can get some tough young defensemen (Petrecki and Kindl to name a few) through some trades as the deadline is a couple days away. Should be very interesting.

Bernier Watch– Bernier stopped 26 of 28 shots to help the team to a big win opver Moncton on Friday. Bernier has been up and down all season, but is getting hot at the right time.


Stuart to Detroit?

February 23, 2008

Not pulling an Eklund here, but there are rumblings from Detroit are that the Red Wings are ready to make a deal for Brad Stuart. Red Wing fans speculate that a deal is imminent because of the fact the Kings picked up Ellis off Waivers.

Here is what one poster said on LetsgoWings

And hearing that Wings scouts went to a Blues/Kings game right after hearing rumors about Stuart coming to Detroit, it just seems too likely to me. Holland said himself that his priority is getting a defenseman at the deadline. Fits like pieces of a puzzle to me.

I’m pretty sure Ellis is part of a package going to LA, think about it. Why would Detroit waive him? LA doesn’t want to pay his entire salary so Detroit waives him knowing that LA gets first crack at picking him up… Holland and Lombardi had worked this out earlier, I’m almost positive. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Seems to make sense if in fact there were scouts at the Kings/Blues game. I suspect we get a draft pick and a prospect for Stuart, assuming we cannot resign Stuart.


Sully Wows…bye Stamkos?

February 22, 2008

If the young studs like O’sullivan keep having 5 point nights, we might not need Stamkos and we might not get him. I don’t need to explain Sully’s night, you can watch it…

Not much happening on the rumor mill. This morning, Eklund threw out Cammy to Toronto. Just more stuff Eklund pulls out of his ass. I could see Cammy heading to Toronto, though Dean would have to be wowed by their offer for it to happen. We’ll see, I think its the calm before the storm. Activity should pick up by Sunday.


Modry the first to go.

February 20, 2008

It’s a good move for both sides, and kudos to Dean Lombardi for getting a 3rd round pick for a 37 year old defenseman. This adds to an already ton of the Kings 2008 draft picks. Here is how we are shaping up right now.

Kings 2008 Draft

1st overall pick
29th overall pick via Dallas (Suspect the pick will be in the low 20s)
31st overall pick
51st overall pick via Calgary
61st overall pick
74th overall pick via New York Rangers
79th overall pick via Philadelphia

Thats just the top 100 picks and the Kings are selecting 7 picks in the first 100 picks. Pretty good for a deep draft obviously. It doesn’t appear the Kings are done dealing away current Kings players for prospect and picks. Dean Lombardi said this via Inside the Kings.
Dean Lombardi-`

`No. The reality is, where we’re at, we’re building a reserve list — and that includes picks and young players. That has to be the focus. We’re the last team in the league. We’re in this situation where we have to — I don’t want to say turn a negative into a positive — but we have to use this situation to a positive as best as we can. I don’t think you can make that statement that if we move one defenseman, we’re not going to move another.”

So the next to go is who? My prediction is Nagy to Pittsburgh for a second and some prospect.