Put the Shades on, future is bright!

February 16, 2008

It was very nice to be seeing the Kings plan of developing young players like Boyle and Purcell tonight against the Flames. Those are just two players coming into the NHL and doing extremely well. Couple that with the already young proven NHLers like Kopitar, Brown, O’Sullivan, Frolov, Jack Johnson. Each of these players are playing better as the season progresses. The most improved young player has to be O’sullivan who is coming into his own and clearly getting comfortable at the NHL level. Brown definitely took his game to a whole new level this year, possibly will be the Kings Captain in the future. He is a really good example to the young guys that come up to the Kings. Then you see Boyle who is a monster 6’6 225 pound wrecking ball center, make you think that possibly the Kings have an Eric Lindros (minus the Concussions of course) on their hands. Laying out Phaneuf when he was coming to take out Boyle was great.

Which brings up another point with all these kids doing so well, Crawford is definitely going to be sticking around for another year at least. There is definitely more consistency and improvement for the team this year, even though we are in last place and I hate to say it, if the Kings continue on this pace, we will not be in last and not likely to get Stamkos.

It’s an extremely rare time for a Kings fan after the game to extremely happy with the way their team plays and at the same time got a glimpse of just what the future holds. Kings still have the Berniers, Mollers, Hickeys to come and that’s not even mentioning the forthcoming draft picks and prospects the Kings are likely to acquire by the trading deadline. The days of Kings being the laughingstock of the league are definitely numbered.


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