The Blake situation part duex.

February 19, 2008

“Here we go again”, is the sentiment among King fans that had to deal with the debacle the last time Rob Blake was rumored to be traded by the Kings. So yes here we go again, now we know the Kings will definitely become sellers, that much we know about the upcoming deadline. What we don’t know is who and what will come and go elsewhere. The biggest IF is whether the Kings trading Rob Blake to San Jose, Anaheim, Detroit, Colorado. Take your pick but the problem is that when the Kings signed Rob Blake, they also agreed to the NTC (No Trade Clause). Which means obviously that the Kings cannot trade Blake without his say so. Even if the Kings have Kindl and a first lined up from Detroit, Petrecki and a First from San Jose. It doesn’t matter what offers come our way, it needs to be approved by the one and only Rob Blake.

Sounds like Blake is going to poke the Kings in the eye again sure, but I have a hard time believing what comes out of Blake’s mouth. Case in point that in an interview that Chelios did, he said that Blake would love to go Detroit because the season is over here in LA. Of Course I am paraphrasing the interview but thats essentially how Chelios told the story. Now speaking of stories, there’s two of them now. One is that a few weeks ago another player(Chelios) says Blake doesn’t want to play in Los Angeles, then you have Blake saying he wants to stay in LA a week before the trade deadline. I do not buy Blake’s story of wanting to stay here, simply because he never answered the question of what has changed since Chelios told us you wanted out of LA? Until I hear an answer to that question I will not believe a word Blake says.

S0 here’s the scenario, Blake wants to stay in Los Angeles because he saw Luc Robitaille retire with fanfare and is still working with the Kings in a large capacity. I think Blake wants something similar to that type of retirement. Getting your jersey up in the rafters and all kinds of accolades from your former teammates and relive the glory years, and then getting a nice paycheck every week from Uncle Phil. The question now becomes, what is in it for the Kings? Two ways the Kings can benefit. One obviously is by trade, get a pick and prospect and sign Blake back next year. Or Blake sticks around and gives the Kings a discount deal(somewhere between 1 million to 2 million dollars a year) in return for a nice retirement package ala Luc.

My Prediction: Dean plays hardball with Blake and forces Blake to waive is NTC for a pick and a prospect (Hopefully Petrecki) and there is a handshake deal that allows Blake to come back next year with the Kings and will get what he wants.


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