Modry the first to go.

February 20, 2008

It’s a good move for both sides, and kudos to Dean Lombardi for getting a 3rd round pick for a 37 year old defenseman. This adds to an already ton of the Kings 2008 draft picks. Here is how we are shaping up right now.

Kings 2008 Draft

1st overall pick
29th overall pick via Dallas (Suspect the pick will be in the low 20s)
31st overall pick
51st overall pick via Calgary
61st overall pick
74th overall pick via New York Rangers
79th overall pick via Philadelphia

Thats just the top 100 picks and the Kings are selecting 7 picks in the first 100 picks. Pretty good for a deep draft obviously. It doesn’t appear the Kings are done dealing away current Kings players for prospect and picks. Dean Lombardi said this via Inside the Kings.
Dean Lombardi-`

`No. The reality is, where we’re at, we’re building a reserve list — and that includes picks and young players. That has to be the focus. We’re the last team in the league. We’re in this situation where we have to — I don’t want to say turn a negative into a positive — but we have to use this situation to a positive as best as we can. I don’t think you can make that statement that if we move one defenseman, we’re not going to move another.”

So the next to go is who? My prediction is Nagy to Pittsburgh for a second and some prospect.


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