Kings Kids taking control of team.

February 24, 2008

The Kings Kids (Particularly Sully, Kopi, Brown) have stepped up and are responsible for the majority of the Kings points. Crawford HAS to be extremely happy with the play of Patrick O’sullivan which has been nothing short of amazing. Had a five point night against the St. Louis Blues and also chipped in a goal against the Blackhawks last night. I’d venture to guess that if I asked Crawford whether O’sullivan has come around, Crawford would say sure but still has things to work on with his game. So you’d have to believe that Sully is not really reaching his potential yet. The Demitra trade is looking better everyday.

Overall as a team though Kings have done some good things this season, as mentioned before the Kings have been on several 3 game winning streaks when they could barely muster a 2 game winning streak last year. Kings have come back in third periods when they are down 4 goals. However not everything is perfect, still have goaltending woes. Labarbera is a dependable goalie but nothing great from him. Cloutier (while the defense still looked soft) didn’t look too hot against the Blackhawks. I maintain that Bernier will have a shot next year as long as the goaltending is average. Defense needs to be tougher, and I suspect that by next year we will see a JMFJ let loose a little bit from the coaching staff. Hopefully we can get some tough young defensemen (Petrecki and Kindl to name a few) through some trades as the deadline is a couple days away. Should be very interesting.

Bernier Watch– Bernier stopped 26 of 28 shots to help the team to a big win opver Moncton on Friday. Bernier has been up and down all season, but is getting hot at the right time.


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