Deadline Day

February 26, 2008

Ok as of 11:48 am Mountain time nothing has happened for the Kings.

What we know now is that the Sharks are most likely out of the running for Blake since they nabbed Campbell from Buffalo. Sharks also got Defenseman Bob Davison from the Islanders. HMMM. So I guess that leaves the Colorado Avalanche to get Rob Blake. But wait they Acquired Adam Foote AND Ruslan Salei. Anaheim might still be interested. We’ll see…I don’t like the start of today so far. Come on Dean!

2:00 Mountain Time

Appears the Kings traded Aubin to the Quacks for a whooping 7th round pick. Wow…hope to hear more than this otherwise…

2:08 Kings appear to have traded Stuart to Detroit…Did I not mention this a few days ago? Maybe I should be the next Eklund haha. No word on return yet…

2:16 Mountain Time

Kings get a 2nd and a 4th for Brad Stuart. Not a bad trade really considering Stuart is a rental.

3:00 Mountain Time.

Looks like that’s it. Disappointing day for King fans, however dealings are not done yet. While the trade deadline was a dud, DL could still nab more young defensemen out of College like he did with Piskula. There’s also the chance that Dean feels that certain players will have more value at the draft. For example, Cammy will likely be traded on draft day or before the draft for a nice return. So while other bloggers jump off a cliff because the Kings didn’t make a trade, this one won’t because the future is still bright and the plan is still intact. It was a disappointing day for sure and I am also sure Dean Lombardi is disappointed too. Would like to see what he has to say about the deadline and what the process was like for him today. At any rate more analysis on the trade tomorrow when more info comes out. It’s too premature to jump to conclusions at this point.


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