Trades and Grades.

February 28, 2008

Analyzing the good and bad from the trades that happened yesterday. We also heard from Lombardi per Inside the Kings. Kudos to Matt for getting that interview up really quick.

Given the circumstances of the day yesterday which were unforeseeable previously. Dean Lombardi alright. He gets a B- for the deadline deals he made and I will tell you why he gets a B- instead of an F. Here we go examining the trades.

First Trade-

Jarosalov Modry to the Philadelphia Flyers for a 3rd round pick.



The trade was very good for Dean Lombardi, picking up a 3rd round pick for an aging 37 year old Defenseman that is having a solid year. My only gripe about the trade is that it was done very early. Maybe I am greedy here but had Deano waited a little longer we could maybe have gotten a 2nd rounder possibly. Either way it was another solid trade by Dean Lombardi.

Second Trade-

JS Aubin (G) to the Anaheim Mighty Ducks in return for a 7th round pick.



What else can you get for JS Aubin? I mean really did anyone see the Kings getting ANYTHING for ANY of our Goalies? I had to laugh at this trade because I find it very hard that a team much less a rival of ours would trade for one of our Goalies. Very good job Dean.

Third Trade-

Brad Stuart to the Detroit Red Wings for a second round pick, and also a 4th round pick.



Why the low grade? Technically it is an above average rating from me here. I fully understand stocking up the draft picks and such, but I felt that maybe the Kings should have resigned Stuart. Now we have a very questionable defense corp. Aside from Jack Johnson, there really isn’t much. Hopefully Stuart re-signs with LA in the off-season.

Here is what Dean says per ITK-

“You do your best in terms of what the marketplace is there. It’s pretty much in the ballpark. It’s similar to what (Brent) Sopel brought last year. That’s the kind of touchstone we set.”

Overall Grade- B-

Reason for that is because of the Blake situation and these NTC’s these players have. Not just Blake but Thornton. Either way though, it just seemed that Lombardi was handcuffed by several things like NTC’s, other teams giving away same type of players, and I think upper management handcuffed Dean with this Rob Blake business. No proof of it, but just a hunch. Should be interesting to see whether Rob comes back or not in the offseason.

Regardless of what happened in this trade deadline, Dean Lombardi clearly has made this upcoming draft the point where he will put his stamp on this team.


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