Who will be the Next Coach?

June 13, 2008

That is the million dollar question. Dean has stated a couple things that have caught my eye. He said he is NOT necessarily looking for experience or any particular style.  In fact Rich Hammond (who is a god to King fans) was cool enough to answer one of my questions.  Since he is an insider for the Kings, he states-

I don’t believe style of play will be a major factor in terms of selecting a new coach. In all the times I’ve talked to Lombardi, I’ve never heard him preach about a particular style of play. I think he’s much more focused on finding the right person and letting the coach play whatever style he feels fits the team. – Rich Hammond

So really anyone looking for a job as a Head Coach for the Kings will get a look. We know one requirement, and that is the same requirement Dean expects from FA’s. They have to want to be here in LA and build the franchise into one that wins. In other words you have to buy into Dean’s philosophy.

In my opinion after doing some research, some of the signs point to a coach named Craig Hartsburg.

As I am typing this right now, he is rumored to have taken the Senators job.  For right now those are just rumors. Anyway Hartsburg has done some work with some of our younger kids in the system already. So there is a familiar face for the players when they come up through the ranks.  Not only did he coach the Soo Greyhounds which Wayne Simmonds plays for as well. He also coached in the 2008 WJC for Canada. There are several King prospects on that squad. Players like Hickey, Bernier, and possibly Doughty assuming we draft him in a week or so. I think Hartsburg is an interesting choice,  he also has NHL experience, albeit not stellar record. That being said it can’t hurt him that he already has been at this level.


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