Draft is nearing for the Kings.

June 17, 2008

Things are getting underway for the Kings to shape up their future even more. Some basic facts about the draft…the Kings have a grand total of 15 picks in the draft. Though we will likely know ONLY 2 picks on Friday since we have 2 first round picks. I kind of wish the draft was like the NFL’s where they would do the first 2 rounds and the rest later. I don’t want to sit through HOURS of draft coverage….but I suppose the NHL needs to milk up all the ratings it can get by having the second round on day 2.

The big question I have is whether the Kings select Bogosian, Doughty or even Filatov. at the # 2 pick. Perhaps an even bigger question is whether the Kings even make a pick at the number # 2 selection. We know that Lombardi has talked with the Filatov’s and there have been some rumblings there. Including USA Today says that we are picking Filatov.

Another thing to watch for is trades, Dean is likely going to trade Cammy on draft day. The general feeling from all accounts at the GM breakfast meetings and the Season Ticket holders meeting, is that Cammy isn’t coming back period. Cammy never struck me as a Dean player anyway. Pukeland er Eklund has up a trade between the Oilers and Kings. Kings would send Cammy to the Oilers and Kings get Joni Pitkanen. I don’t mind that trade so much. However I doubt that trade happens, because if anything Deano isn’t predictable on Draft Day. He probably has another team lined up for all we know.

Anyway here is the draft picks we have lined up for this draft…

The following lists the Kings round-by-round selections in this year’s draft:

Round Overall Selection
1 2nd
1 28th (From Dallas)
2 32nd
2 48th (From Calgary)
2 61st (From Detroit)
3 63rd
3 81st (From NY Rangers)
3 88th (From Philadelphia)
4 92nd (From Tampa Bay)
4 101st (From Vancouver)
5 123rd
6 153rd
6 179th (From Dallas)
7 183rd
7 185th (From St. Louis-Anaheim)

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