Draft Scenarios.

June 19, 2008

Well draft is coming very soon, and we will know who we got. By trade and by selection.  Kings insider and reporter Rich Hammond thinks “something” will happen based on his instinct and who he has talked to. I definitely think Cammalleri gets traded. I’m just basing this on how the trade could conceivably work. I do think Pitkanen of the Oilers will be traded to the Kings for Cammy. It just won’t be straight up. I think Lombardi will want to move up from that 28th overall pick. Possibly Cammy and the 28th pick to the Oilers for Joni Pitkanen and the Oilers 22nd overall pick.  Potentially having the Kings picking Defenseman Colten Teubert if he is there.

Another trade scenario is that the Kings actually trade down from the #2 Spot. I think this is feasible, the Kings aren’t going to move down many spots. So I think the Blues will be a likely trading partner at #4 since the Kings have several targets like Filatov, Bogosian, Doughty. One of them should be available.  I have my doubts that the Kings will actually trade down from the #2 pick. Either way, the Kings will be very active in this draft since they have 15 picks and will look to use the assets they have to shore up that glaring problem on the team…Defense.


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