The Draft Circus has arrived in Ottawa.

June 20, 2008

There is a ton of rumors flying around about the Kings, and rightfully so. Kings are the major players in this draft. With 15 picks in the draft and having the #2 and # 28 overall picks in the first round.  It shouldn’t be surprising that the Kings are mentioned in a lot of trades.  The Malkin rumors are rampant, most doubt that it will come to fruitation. I have to believe that the Penguins have talked to his agent about his asking price and it is too high for the Penguins to keep him with all the other players they have or will commit to for a long time. Simply put, Malkin isn’t going to fit into their future plans unless his price comes down.

The logistics of this potential trade doesn’t make sense. For one the Kings are still building their team by drafting and raising their homegrown prospects so to speak. Pittsburgh won’t get equal value for Malkin, no matter how you slice it, #2 overall pick and Cammy for Malkin is not equal value at all. This could be our WTF trade that Dean has referred to many times in the GM breakfast meeting with season ticket holders.

Another rumor flying around is the Kings getting Spezza and Ottawa’s first round pick to the Kings for the #2 overall and Cammy. This seems more feasible to me, though like the Malkin rumor. I have a hard time seeing the Senators wanting to part ways with a young player who is a points machine.

Thing is the Kings don’t need more scoring, the Kings need Defensemen. Assuming Dean is getting offers, I am thinking he is waiting for an offer that includes a defenseman, because after all there is plenty of Defensemen in this draft to be had.

Should be an interesting 24 hours…


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