Day one is over…now onto Day two.

June 21, 2008

King fans should be happy about day one. I’ve been reading various hockey sites and usually the comments about the Kings are…”That’s just sick”  when talking about our talent pool with Dmen. Now we get into the later rounds in Day 2. This is what separates  the good scouting teams from the poor ones. We all know Dean Lombardi has referred to this 2008 draft as the draft he felt good enough about his scouting team. This is where we get the Oscar Mollar’s and the Wayne Simmonds.  I feel confident about DL and his team’s ability to spot talent and “hockey sense”. The general consensus is that LA is loading up for the future and it seems that AEG whom we all love to hate is on board with Dean.  I expect the Kings to do a lot of moving on day 2 to get their players they want and have scouted extensively.

quote of the night: On whether Drew Doughty knew, in advance, that the Kings were drafting him…

“No, they didn’t tell me. I saw Dean Lombardi shaking hands with the Calgary GM. I kind of buried my head in my hands and said, `Oh, no.’ I really wanted to be a L.A. King.” – Per Rich Hammond.

By the way here are your new Kings!

13th overall pick Colten Teubert

2nd overall pick Drew Doughty.


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