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Marc Crawford gets canned.

June 12, 2008

Kings ousted Marc Crawford as Head Coach.

First off, I was quite surprised as many people were at the news of Marc Crawford being fired. I wasn’t surprised so much at the fact he got canned, more so than the fact the timing of the firing was a little odd. With the draft coming up, FA period soon after, and rookie camps. It was a little odd, but better now then in November or December. It is well known that several King players most notably Lubo have disliked Marc Crawford’s methods for coaching. So in the end like Donald Trump says, “You’re Fired!”.

One of the things I realize now is that the Kings are now in a transition mode. They have finished the first phase of the rebuild, which was to bring along the young promising core of Kopitar, Sully, Brown, JMFJ etc. Now that the Kings have brought them along, Dean probably took a long hard look at whether Marc Crawford is the man for the next phase of the complete rebuild of this Franchise. It is weird, because I have defended Marc Crawford based on his track record in Quebec/Colorado as well as Vancouver. I guess the only answer to my question is that Marc Crawford’s coaching methods have grown stale in the NHL.

Here is Lombardi on ITK about the fact the next coach needs to be able to communicate with the players.

“I’m open to anything, but I think it’s fair to say that when you talk about having experience with kids, I don’t know how many of us have really had experience, necessarily, with this generation of players. Clearly I think it’s safe to say that the ability to not only deal with young players but young people, that’s a two-pronged thing. Being up there in Toronto, at the combine and meeting the kids and meeting the parents, it just keeps reaffirming what I believe about the need to communicate with young people. It isn’t like when (assistant GM Ron Hextall) was out there and you just had to kick him in the (butt) and he did what he was told.”

So Crawford got canned because of the communication issue, I think. The next coach is going to have to deal with the next wave of youngsters coming through the pipelines. More on the next coach candidates tomorrow.